Another One Bites The Dust... (An Update)


It's been a long time since I've posted an update, and with all the things swimming in my head lately, I figured it would be a good time to get it all out. Not just to inform you, but also to help me keep myself on track.

First, I'd like to discuss what I've been working on this past year. I've kept it mostly under wraps, but now I'd like to take a little time to talk about it. If you've poked around the Books section of this website lately, you've noticed that there is a second (working) title named Finding Haven. I'm happy to say that the first draft is complete. 

What is it?

Finding Haven is a high-fantasy mixture of steampunk, otherworldly dimensions, and incantations. It is set in a fantastical imagining of Heaven, Hell, and a long-gone Earth. 

Here's a blurb:

Angela always knew what she wanted out of her life. With strong conviction, she offered herself as a warrior of Heaven. But after returning from a failed mission, she’s seeing loved ones as flame-cloaked demons. With the authority she once served now seeking her death, she must find the demon responsible. When she does, will it spark a war of catastrophic events, and will Earth be caught in the middle?

 Now, before your heart explodes in anticipation let me remind you that it's a first draft. Things are subject to change, but for the most part that is what it's about. 

You're probably wondering, "when?" Well, I have no clue. This is a story that has sat in my head for two years. It returned in spurts, strong, hard, and just screaming to be written. I thought about it while writing The Book of a Few, and it never went away. 

Will I self-publish it? Possibly, but I want this story to have the best footing that it can. I will give this story ample queries before considering self-publishing this one. Therefore, I am not rushing revision, and you will not see this piece for some time. 

So, now that the void of the past seven months has been filled, let's look forward.

As of next week I'll have finished earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. It's been a crazy busy three years since I began this journey, and I'm so excited to be in the program's final class. While I am somewhat nervous that I have more to learn (as every writer does) and no clear direction on where to find the information that I need to continually improve, I am eager to move along. This, for you, means that things will begin to move much faster. My work will be written faster, and I just cannot wait to have the time that I need to get ideas on paper. 

To fill my time in between drafts of Finding Haven, I'll be working on something else. As of the time I am writing this, I've begun the planning stages of a new novel. It's a sequel to The Book of a Few. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more details to this one. 

This brings me to other news; I will be un-publishing The Book of a Few until I release a second edition. For those of you that already have a first edition copy, this is good news! You now have a collectable item. I have no timeline on this, but it will release an updated edition around the same time  as the publishing of its sequel (probably a month before). 

Changes include the fixing of a few typos, updated cover art, and a very likely re-titling. I've come to realize that the current title of the book is too much of an "inside joke", as one would have to read it to have a grasp on what the title implies. This vague title, unfortunately, does not help sell copies. It was my first published novel, and my mistake, so I'll own up to it. 

I admit that I am not the most social person online. It's taken me far too long to post an update of this calibre. You can find that I post most frequently on Twitter and Instagram, if you want smaller news on my going-ons I suggest you get in touch on those websites. You will be hearing some more news here very soon, as I've got another side-project I'll be announcing once it's completely up and running. 

Until then, stay frosty.