A Call For Readers

Hey everyone!

Interested in being one of the first to read Finding Haven? Wanna help me in my creative processes, provide honest feedback, and help a guy get his novel in the best shape possible? If so, read on!

Finding Haven is a fantasy novel of 95,000 words. I'm hoping to get feedback regarding the characters and the overall story more than anything at this point, as you would be considered among the "first wave" of beta readers.



Heaven's Seal.png

Angela always knew what she wanted out of her life. With strong conviction, she offered herself as a warrior of Dingir. In the floating city of light and metal, she serves alongside her husband, Michael, with pride. Her life – as she sees it – is perfect.

But when Angela is nearly killed on a mission to Earth she begins seeing loved ones shrouded in hell-fire that burns to the touch. Problem is, they see her the same way. With the authority she once served now seeking her death, Angela has no choice but to escape and find the Dalkhu who attacked her.

Finding Haven is an electrifying high-fantasy mixture of steampunk, otherworldly dimensions, and incantations set in a fantastical imagining of Heaven, Hell, and a long-gone Earth.


What is a beta-reader?

A beta reader is a reader (surprise!) of unpublished manuscripts with the intention of finding continuity errors, looking into characterisation, and plot holes. Beta readers give the author advice and feedback on what works in their story, and what doesn't. Generally speaking, beta readers don't fret too much over grammatical or spelling errors, as that process takes place later on. Yay, editors!

Some key things that I expect are:

  • Feedback within one month. 
  • Honest, constructive criticism.
  • I send you the book in thirds, and expect the survey at the end of each section to be completed.
  • You will not share this work without my permission.

As a thank you, I'll send you a $5 Amazon gift card towards your next book! Fill out the form below if you're interested!

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